Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dept of Chicago MBA

Random courses from Professor Christian Broda;

International Financial Policy (MBA course)
Krugman and Obstfeld, International Economics: Theory and Policy

This is a course on the economics of exchange rates, their impact on financial variables and their macroeconomic determinants. The course will cover the theory and practice of exchange rate determination, as well as extensions and applications that will enable students to operate effectively in the global marketplace. We will cover the main theories of exchange rate determination and how well they match the data; the role of the exchange rate in the macroeconomy and implications for businesses; the choice of exchange rate regimes, the European Monetary Union, and dollarization; issues related to capital flows and international financial crises such as in Argentina and other developing countries; policy issues facing China and other emerging economies and their implications to the US.

(MBA course)

Text: Abel and Bernanke, Macroeconomics, Addison Wesley, . (Optional)

COURSE NOTES on Fiscal Policy
COURSE NOTES on Real vs Nominal Variables
Introduction to Macro Data

Latin America and the Global Economy
(Executive MBA)
The lecture will start with an overview of Latin America’s recent economic performance relative to other regions of the world. (see BIS chapter III). The last few years have been characterized by strong growth around the world, and for the first time in several decades, growth has been stronger in developing countries than in developed countries.

The global imbalances in external payments among the world’s economies have provoked concern in international policy circles and anxiety in capital markets (see The Economist’s survey article below “The great thrift shift” for a background on this issue). We will assesses the implications of such risks for developing countries (also refer to the article “America’s External Balance”).

Over the past 20 years, the Chinese economy has undergone profound changes and China’s role in the global economy has increased sharply. How does China’s growth experience so far compare with previous historical episodes of rapid integration? How has China’s integration affected the rest of the world?

Overall Rating of Course Materials; Good
[Criteria: excellent, good, bad, ugly]

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