Saturday, August 27, 2011

Telling Students Expectations about the Course before hand

Think the following is a good idea to implement;

Students in the class are co-producers of class discussions and collective learning. For this to happen, class members need to listen carefully to one another and build on or critique prior comments. Many of you have worked in some of the companies we will be discussing or have worked with the relevant technologies. If past experience is any guide, each of you has unique insights and experiences that can help your classmates better understand the issues we are discussing. The discussion should be a conversation in which all participants recognize that they have an obligation to advance our understanding of the issue at hand. Your contributions to this learning process will be appraised in addition to the specific content that you contribute.

Because this course relies heavily on class participation for its success, class norms and expectations regarding class behavior are very important. Attendance at every class is required. Also, please come to class fully prepared to discuss the readings. I create a reading guide for each session with questions that you should review in advance and should be ready to answer.

Students who are thoroughly prepared for each session will benefit the most from this class. What's more, they add to the learning of their classmates. Hence, if you don't feel comfortable with these expectations, then this is not a good course for you to take this semester.

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